February 28, 2021


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10 Trucks And SUVs That Are Trying Way Too Hard To Look Cool

When creating an automobile, the design is one of the most important aspects. For one thing, it helps a lot with the functionality of the vehicle itself. Whether that would be aerodynamics to improve speed and stability, or something to make it more practical and usable.

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A lot of cars in history have done everything right in terms of design. But for every well-designed car there has been, there have also been tons of cars that are so overdone in terms of design, that they just look like they are trying way too hard to appeal to consumers.

10 Citroen C4 Cactus


The C4 Cactus was introduced by Citroen in 2014, and it was sold alongside the regular C4 hatchback. Despite being a relative sales success, the design of the C4 Cactus left a lot to be desired.


While the facelifted version improved on the original design, the main culprit of the first iteration of the Cactus were the plastic panels on the doors. Believe it or not, that’s a safety feature. Sure, safety features don’t have to look good, or look like anything at all, but this just made the car look wrong.

9 Kia Soul


Kia considers the Soul a compact, and one of its biggest selling points is value for money. We would consider the Soul just strange. The latest generation has a bizarre taillight setup, most of which don’t actually light up, which wraps entirely around the rear windshield.


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It also has upside down headlights, sadly an increasingly common trend in the industry. Even though the Soul’s design isn’t all that offensive, just looking at makes it obvious that it’s trying very hard to be cool.

8 Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe


The advent of coupe SUVs over the past few years meant that, after BMW came along with the X6, it was only a matter of time before other manufacturers started doing it. It took a while, but now, they are absolutely everywhere.


Few of them try quite so hard to be cool as the Mercedes GLE Coupe. It’s just another coupe SUV that should not exist. Not only does it look all kinds of wrong, but it’s also very impractical. Due to the design of the roof and rear end, the trunk area isn’t that easily accessible, and space in the rear seats is compromised as well.

7 Nissan Juke


We’ll admit, the second-generation Juke is far improved when compared to the first generation. But this unfortunate Nissan crossover, despite doing alright in terms of sales, never really impressed anyone with its styling.


It featured a variety of influences both in and out, but in the end, it just simply looked awkward. Nissan was so confident in this car, they even made a Nismo version. This version made eight more horsepower than the non-Nismo Juke powered by the same engine. That’s a lot, right?

6 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross


Pretty much every car enthusiast in the world has lost every drop of faith they had in Mitsubishi. They are strictly focused on SUVs and have no interest in performance cars whatsoever. Arguably one of the worst offenders of their SUV range is the Eclipse Cross.


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Not only does it use the name of a beloved sports coupe of yesteryear, but it also has so many styling touches that leave us scratching our heads. From the visibility-ruining split rear windshield to the abundance of chrome on the front, and the questionable interior quality, the Eclipse Cross is just a detriment to the Eclipse name.

5 Chevrolet Silverado HD


As soon as the Silverado HD was first teased by Chevy, everyone lambasted some of the design choices, especially on the front end.


For some reason, Chevy thought it was a good idea to have the word “CHEVROLET” spelled out on the grille instead of the badge front and center. This later turned out to be dependent on the trim level the customer goes for. Regardless, this attempt to make the Silverado look cool did not go under the radar.

4 Volkswagen Nivus


The Nivus is a recently revealed coupe crossover designed specifically for the South American market. It might not look all that crazy, but being a coupe crossover means that it’s automatically trying hard.


Despite the Nivus being designed in South America and designed specifically for that market, it will be sold in other markets, including Europe starting next year. There are tons of coupe crossovers in those markets already, but if one thing is for sure, this will definitely not be a hard sell.

3 Nissan Titan


The Titan is Nissan’s attempt at a full-size pickup truck, and an attempt that didn’t really seem to be worthwhile. The recent facelift version of the Titan now has some interesting styling touches. Perhaps that was to bring it more in line with the likes of the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, but it doesn’t really work all that well.


With all due respect to Nissan’s increased efforts to sell the Titan, it’s just outclassed by all of its American competitors. It won’t be long before it bites the dust, and with this trim/design package as part of the recent facelift, it’s just a failed attempt at looking cool.

2 New Hyundai Tucson


The previous generation of the Tucson’s design was done quite well. It looked good, fairly distinctive, not particularly cool, but it did the job just fine. With the new one, things have changed.


From the lighting incorporated into the grill pieces to the creases on the doors and the rear light bar with “fangs,” this Tucson gives the impression that it’s trying to sell itself almost entirely on its design. We have no doubt that it’s a good car, but the styling is quite divisive, to say the least.

1 BMW X6


Whereas the Tucson looks like it wants to sell itself purely based on design, the BMW X6 does exactly that. It was the first of its kind, and (annoyingly) it’s still very much around to this day, recently entering its third generation.


Not only is the design of the X6 a problem, but it’s also the fact that it tries to do so many things and fails at pretty much all of them. Like Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear once showed us, it’s a bad driving experience, it isn’t very practical, and it couldn’t go off-road to save its life.

These were just some examples of SUVs and trucks that try way too hard to look cool. They serve as excellent proof that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Some of these designs may be considered cool by some, but it’s more about what these SUVs and trucks did to get that praise, and what they did was too much.

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