August 2, 2021


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Bollinger Motors unveils Provide-E all-electric powered supply van

Bollinger Motors has unveiled its Supply-E all-electrical supply van strategy. The Provide-E leverages the engineering, technologies, and factors applied in the company’s products portfolio to deploy an electric van tailored for the supply market place.

The entrance-wheel generate, all-electrical Produce-E attributes an added low-load flooring peak and will be engineered to match Courses 2B, 3, 4, and 5. The Total Cost of Possession (TCO) inside just about every course is drastically decreased than gasoline and diesel versions on the road these days.

We took our substantial Course 3 electrification awareness and used it to the supply sector. Our Produce-E van gives business fleets the ability to go environmentally friendly and conserve on ownership charges, when neighborhoods will reward from a reduction in air and noise air pollution.

—Robert Bollinger, CEO of Bollinger Motors


A huge choice of battery packs will be out there, which includes 70, 105, 140, 175, and 210 kWh. Coupled with variable wheelbase lengths, the fleet client will have a extensive array of mileage selection and price choices to suit their distinct desires.

Supply-E employs the very same big components—including motors, battery, inverters, and gearboxes—as the relaxation of the Bollinger Motors lineup, and is primarily based on a new platform established to handle the distinct needs of supply vans.

Bollinger Motors will get the job done with a manufacturing husband or wife to create the Supply-E vans and vehicles in the US. Generation is slated for 2022.