4 Renewable Sources of Energy – Can Biomass Power Our Homes?

4 Renewable Sources of Energy - Can Biomass Power Our Homes?

So you’ve heard of solar, wind, and geothermal energy, but what about biomass? Are they available, and can they power our homes? Read on to find out! We’ll start with geothermal energy. From there, we’ll cover biomass, wind, and solar. And now, we’ll look at these renewable sources offered by energy companies in Bahrain. Here are some of the most promising ones.

Geothermal energy:

Most of the world’s oil and gas fields produce more than 25 billion barrels of hot water annually, but geothermal energy is an increasingly viable source of electricity. By harnessing this hot water, considered by many oil and gas industry executives to be a nuisance, geothermal energy could provide up to 3 gigawatts of clean baseload energy. This would reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase the profitability of oil and gas fields, and extend their economic life.


Wind energy utilization is increasing rapidly, with annual increases of 10% or more expected by 2019. In most countries, wind turbines are now the largest source of electricity production. However, wind energy has two significant challenges: intermittency and low utilization. It also needs to be backed up by dispatchable generating capacity, limiting its usage to 20-30% of the total energy demand. By 2020, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) expects to install 733 GWe of wind and solar PV capacity. Solar thermal is estimated to have an installed capacity of 6.5 GWe by 2020.


Solar energy is a source of electricity derived from the sun. It has been around since the 1980s when concentrated solar power plants were first developed. Today, solar electricity is readily available at affordable prices, and utility-scale solar power stations are being built with hundreds of megawatts of capacity. Many solar power stations are integrated into agriculture, while others use tracking systems to track the sun’s movement daily.


As a renewable source of energy, biomass is a promising alternative. It is a fast-growing crop that is a good source of carbon and helps balance the greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels. However, biomass is not an instant energy source, and regrowing trees takes decades. The biomass needs to be grown for several decades or more to offset the carbon emitted during the combustion process.

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