June 18, 2021


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Observe Tesla Product S Raven Struggle Nitrous Cars And Trucks At Drag Strip

Tesla Racing Channel on YouTube competes in the tough-tire course with a bunch of nitrous cars. This is no-prep racing at its greatest, in particular if you happen to be an EV fan. 

Tesla’s motor vehicles have a track record for blowing absent gas vehicles at the drag strip because of to their immediate torque and strong acceleration. Having said that, when it arrives to racing modified gasoline automobiles, you hardly ever know which will come out ahead.

Individuals who race fuel cars and trucks have a myriad of possibilities and mods to make their cars perform greater at the track. It all arrives down to how a great deal time and money you want to pour into the vehicle. These expensive mods can in some cases backfire, and they surely just take a toll on the automobiles, but you will find no question they can give you an edge.

With EVs like the Tesla Product S, there are unquestionably some modifications you can make, but for the most section, we generally see these vehicles racing in generally generation type. In this scenario, it’s a best-of-the-line Tesla Product S “Raven” with Ludicrous Method having on a selection of gas-run autos with nitrous kits. Some of the automobiles have other mods as properly.

How does the all-wheel-generate all-electric Design S stack up to these loud, exhaust-spewing, souped-up fuel guzzlers on a no-prep monitor? We will not give absent all the specifics, but we will say the Model S will make it into the tricky-tire finals to facial area a nitrous pickup truck, which may perhaps seem to be shocking. On the other hand, this truck is like a rocket.

Test out the movie to see how it all performs out. Then, depart us a remark beneath.