Website Platforms for Starting Business Owners

Website Platforms for Starting Business Owners

Having your own website can bring a number of advantages to your business. That is why a lot of digital agencies in Dubai are encouraging business owners to build their own site to improve their branding and sales performance.

However, not all can do a customized, built-from-scratch website. To help those who want to have their own site, here are some platforms they can choose from:

  1. WordPress

WordPress is one of most widely-used website platform today – both by personal users and business owners. The advantage of this platform is the straightforward dashboard that allows intermediate skilled developers to build their sites. And for those who are in expert level, they can easily incorporate plugins and revise the CSS to customize the template. WordPress is a pretty flexible platforms and a lot of web development Abu Dhabi companies are using this for informational and e-commerce site.

The platform is free but there are template WordPress themes that you can purchase if you want something more personalized.

  1. Weebly

If you are more of a “drag-and-drop” user, then Weebly might be the one for you. Unlike WordPress, this platform is very easy to use that even non-developers can build their site using Weebly. There are set and pre-determined areas on the dashboard that allows user to set and drop the elements they would like to add. It also has an app store should you want to add an e-commerce section. However, there are limitation in terms of creativity as the site template only allows element to be drag and drop on predetermined areas.

  1. Wix

Wix is another easy to use site that allows users to create an eCommerce shop on such simple platform. It also has a drag and drop option which makes it very easy to navigate and customized. It also offers a lot of themes for those who wants to have design options for their website and the features are pretty great as well. However, it is not advisable to change template that often since you have to build it again from scratch.

  1. Jimdo

Jimdo is one of the newest platforms for users who has limited coding skills. The great thing about Jimdo is you can build features for eCommerce and portfolio which is great for designers. Editing features is also easy to use which is make it cool to use for non-developers. Customization is also something that users like about this platform as it is pretty straightforward.

  1. Squarespace

If you are building your portfolio, SquareSpace is one of the top choice. Like any other platforms, it offers a number of templates that can be used but there are limitations. If you want to make the features your own, there are a library of features that you can customized.

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